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Hangzhou Shuangjin Fabric Co., Ltd was established on October 13, 2005. The company has passed ISO9000 quality certification, and sincerely welcomes Chinese and foreign customers to patronize! The main products include 1. Knitted air layer fabric, which is divided into: polyester, cotton, rayon/Viscose, bamboo, soybean, corn, tencel, Modal, organic, nylon, PU, ​​Acetel, cocotex, Bamboo carbon, nanaba, silk. Woven fabric from sjtextile.com: low elastic silk, polypropylene filament, polypropylene filament composite, T/C fabric, anti-knit fabric, etc. Dyeing and finishing treatment includes: flame retardant (BS7177/1633), nano antibacterial anti-mite, moisture wicking (Coolmax/Cooltry), waterproof, antistatic, anti-pilling ball, anti-mosquito, flavor release, aloe treatment, far infrared, negative ion Wait.