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dwannb Los Angeles, Ca How many rappers used these lyrics? And peep how fred Westley and Maceo parker weave the notes of their horns within the fabric of the music. Bernie Worrell playing those strange keyboard licks that later became synonymous with the hip hop sound. Now show me ONE Latin or… Advocate, Music Historian, Political Satirist
NikkiFried Florida, USA Our 5th generation farmers and ranchers, Floridians who helped build the rich history of our state, & every past Governor (including Jeb, Charlie, Rick) would vehemently disagree. Illustrating that you have no understanding of the fabric of our state. Chairwoman @FlaDems. Florida’s most recent statewide elected Democrat. Past Commissioner of Agriculture. 💙 Florida. #SomethingNew #WontBackDown
ShehuSani Nigeria Vote buying in Nigeria’s Kebbi state Governorship election;A Textile fabric,Two packs of Spaghetti and 3k. Human Rights Activist | Author | PanAfricanist | A dedicated fighter for Freedom and Justice|Instagram Shehu.Sani
majidzaru @SpeakMdAli This is ultimate radicalization of laptop & so called godi media journalists of New India, bent upon destroying the social, secular fabric of society. Time to teach them lesson, bycott them and such communal channels which spread only hate to disintegrate a great nation. i believe in humanity irrespective of caste, colour and creed. Not biased against any religion
Steve11139043 @SaulStaniforth Spielman can say the inspectors are all Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers but she still leads this agency. How does she know how to lead OFSTED forward if she does not understand the fabric of education.
John56239641 @tim_ottawa @Harmony47383691 It did exist before Trudeau broke Canada and made Canadians broke. His immature, arrogant, narcissistic handling of our country’s highest office has eroded the very fabric of Canada I shoot from the hip. You may not agree with what I say, but what I say is my prerogative. Don’t poke the bear. if you have an issue, get a tissue.
Gal22Sunshine New York, USA ⁦⁦@girlscouts⁩ #Troop1724 Thank you for letting ⁦@healingHBands⁩ come & play w/ your amazing leaders. The girls showed grace and care by stepping up when we needed assistance. The paintings will look incredible on our specialized SPF 50+ fabric. #LaughterHelpsHeal Fun & The Arts are my thrill seeking pleasures.
6String24 @fukBidenHarris I think it’s coming regardless. The right is done with the pisspoor leadership of today and the breakdown of any moral fabric in western society is bringing you closer to civil war anyways. Personally I think it may be needed to reset people’s minds on what actually matters. 🎸🎸🎸 this and only this. 0% liberal.
CraftsOnDisplay Make your own cute and practical bralette with the Hyacinth Bralette pattern from Ohhh Lulu Lingerie! With its simple yet classic style, this bralette is perfect for using up fabric scraps! #sewing #freepattern #tutorial #diyideas The ultimate destination for all things crafting! We're always sharing new and amazing free patterns and tutorials from all over the internet.
drfaust_ggst Traveling @YourFavMelody Sure. I'm looking for a necklace. Something like this? (He points to the one around his neck.) Eve got it for me, and I want to buy one for her, too. Just to show how much she means to me... Soft? Okay, how about this? (He holds up a small roll of fabric for them to touch.) Square one... || Underground doctor || parody/rp account || mun 20+, sfw acc || more info in pinned || banner by me, pfp by arcsys
UsagiGalaxy GPose Hell @FlareTitan Rosalina’s is also screwed up and the way Peach is touching Palu’s hair does not make sense It is like she’s poking at fabric, not hair, and someone of this apparent skill level would have the ability to drape and part hair strands around her fingers 🌸 Local FFXIV cryptid | 23 | he/they | baby mod porter | 🔞 ↑ | GPose commissions: wait list | pfp: @sodabulan 🌸
piriye_1 England, United Kingdom Nigerians successfully elected a Nigerien for the last eight years and he had successfully destroyed the fabric of democracy and Nigeria. Now INEC following from Buhari’s blueprint has decided to impose on US a Guineeen as President. This time we say NO more! 👀 on D Judiciary. Hodophile✈️/Strategic Manager/ Chemical Engineer/Social butterfly/Optimist/A True Capricorn/A Rivers Girl
dmaclee @MoniseLSeward Perhaps that's why I love them. I don't have hips. I'm a busty girl with a narrow bottom and a bum. But all of the dresses I have have substantial give in the fabric. This is an Express dress. Wife, mama, EdD candidate in C&P at GWU, former middle school teacher, assistant prof of urban ed, Pretty 🐩. Crit Fem currere scholar. #flynerd
hasnomerit Aultsville, Ontario for a while i thought i lost my spark being off stimulants bc i didnt want to finish the quilt i was making anymore but then i realized most normal people probably don't want to cut out and sew 700+ pieces of fabric together just to make a forking blanket beta male & vice-ridden degenerate
hyder_chattha Pakistan🇵🇰 @rimshahrehman I may need little elaboration to understand what you are trying to say 1-How religion, politics, social issues, economics and business is out of education? 2- How mathematics and technology can solve the issues of society and social fabric? A little explanation may clear things Philosophia & Cosmic Consciousness
reisnotbrewing Kvh didn't mean to, he tried to pull it so gently but his eagerness got the best of him. And the fact those fabric is so thin, it isn't his fault! Kvh would go on and rip hthm's tights that is hugging his ass, revealing the waiting hole. 🔞 | i draw sometimes. | Oh wow you found me!! Turn back. Jk main - @_teabreww10482 | primarily 🏛️🌱 | 🧋/🍡👹|🔶🐍
squidias Legally i cannot qrt junebug's tweet again but acoc fandom is good bc asin my friend asin made me calroy as miku, I got it made into fabric, and made NOT ONLY a mikuroy binder but ALSO a mikuroy dress that I wore to a the mountain goats concert squid battenburg, 24, nonbinary trans 'guy', if you see my tweets on your fyp and get mad that's between you and god || he/they || icon by @steadfastpetrel
dmaclee @MoniseLSeward Im loving Express for dresses these days. Flattering cuts, beautiful colors and good fabric. I've bought 4 dresses from there in the last couple of months. Wife, mama, EdD candidate in C&P at GWU, former middle school teacher, assistant prof of urban ed, Pretty 🐩. Crit Fem currere scholar. #flynerd
Gruntfoot Michigan, USA @PolitiBunny If you aren't full of coffee and fork off by 10am, you're too comfortable in the morning. Try not using fabric softner on your robe for a week, that should start you off on the right path. 😉 OIF - 81st BCT - INFANTRY 🪖 🥾 F.O.B Kalsu Alumni and boresnake master. Feemster wasn't there.
piercedplague By Victors side @VirusSpawn_1 Her fingers tightened around the fabric of his shirt as she held onto him tightly. She knew he was powerful and smart and always safe but seeing that.. her true fears had come to light. “I love you.” sᏟᎪᏒᎽ ᎶuᎪᏒᎠ ᎠᎾᎶ | 18 RP+ | 🩸⚠️ | ᕼYᗷᖇIᗪ | мυzzℓє∂ αn∂ cσℓℓαяє∂ | Engaged: @SnicketRP | 𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔢 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔉𝔢𝔪𝔞𝔩𝔢 𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔣𝔱 |
HusseinJay4 hapo kwa kona @muftimenk The confusion and politics surrounding Eid prayers is the reason why the Muslim Ummah cannot function without the caliphate. It's a failure of leadership. When everyone can issue their own 'fatwas' and render their own interpretation the moral fabric of the religious order.... classic 💙
rarefinds4u Massachusetts, USA ***Items added and marked down daily!*** ***10% off coupon code LOVEVINTAGE*** Over 2100 items Vintage, Antique, retro, collectibles #SMILEtt23 #gift #handturned #vintage #freeshipping #antiques #salvage #architectural #collectibles #fabric Loves finding that special Vintage item to pass along to you!
ThighsThunda Worldwide New Drop: Thunda Stretchies in Milky White 🤍 Made to fit and flatter your curves with a stretch capability of up to 55", they're also made with a lighter fabric that's perfect for warmer weather. @trinichinlee 🥰 #thundathighs #thundatribe #thighhighs We make Thigh Socks for Thicc Juicy thighs 27- 39 inches 🖤
CORRUPTHABIT 𝓶inors do 𝐍𝐎𝐓 interact. + me and i'll think about pleasuring you." he clenched his jaw upon feeling the other's wet head against his own slightly open shirt, feeling the fabric being way too transparent now but there was nothing he could do about it nor + ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀꩜ ⠀┈┈┈ ⠀𝔣ucking ⠀the ⠀patriarchy ⠀raw ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀from ⠀the ⠀inside.
idkwhatbegoinon atl @xclusiveetaee @studs serenede, ksubi, rue21, boohoo, fashion nova, shein but they fabric real cheap, nordstrom, saks and tj maxs or marshall’s but they a hit or miss ig - @44xmar
army010509 Karnataka, India @the_sanctuaryX Lots and lots of laundry detergents and fabric softners 😭 -FAN ACCOUNT- Female.💅 25 || OT7 || Solos and antis pls stay tf away If I had a voice like Jungkook, I would never shut up 😌
drfaust_ggst Traveling @YourFavMelody Yes, I was! (The fabric section was only a few aisles away, and Faust starts examining the different types of white fabric.) Actually, it's a surprise for Eve, so don't tell her about it, okay? Hmm... Did she say what kind of white fabric she wanted? What material? Square one... || Underground doctor || parody/rp account || mun 20+, sfw acc || more info in pinned || banner by me, pfp by arcsys
DarleneJoSmith Troy, Montana @Mike_Astrup @theblackspiderm @Walmart Do that and they'll be in your neighborhood next because theirs is a food desert and they are hungry and food is a basic human right. Screw working for it, screw punishing anyone for tearing the fabric of civilized society apart. It's equity and you are being racist.
racheldweissman Join top founders → 10. Foster a sense of community AI connects people with similar interests, experiences, or challenges to overcome loneliness and promote well-being. These supportive communities encourage growth and mutual support, strengthening our social fabric. I help founders magnify their potential | Founder & CEO at | CEO Coach | Ex-Google, Salesforce | Tweets on AI, entrepreneurship, & peak performance
rafaelinzo If you're going for a Mugler reference look, you might as well pay attention to the details of the proportions and the quality of the fabric. It was not a serve, y'all. 🖐🏻😭 Xavier Ateneo - International Studies - 4 🇵🇭⚖️
Hanibal_Pain Of; creativity, we rub a fabric of OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_and_Body_H&M YOU_H_AND_M_OUNAS_COUPON_SIVVI_NAMSHI_CODE_ONAS_DISCOUNT_ONASS_ 213). For eye on Greeks when
unbstore Atlanta JUSTIN SIMON XSJ01 Silky Bikini Elaborated in a stretch fabric specially designed to stay fresh and taut as long as you wear it, to the ergonomic fit that always seems to be perfect Your favorite underwear blog now has it's own underwear store!
FunctionalFF Portland, OR Only two more Functional Fabric Fair events left in 2023 – which means only two more chances to get in on the latest trends and innovations in the textile industry! Join us on July 18-19 in the city that never sleeps - NYC! Up next: Functional Fabric Fair Portland 2023 | April 4-5 | Oregon Convention Center
NorfolkDryClean Norfolk We're here to show you how to get the best from this fantastic fabric, with some handy hints on how to wash linen and tips on the best way to dry your linen clothes, bedding, and other textiles #Norfolk #Clothes #Care #Linen #Laundry We offer #drycleaning in our four branches across #Norfolk. A family-owned business proud to be in Norfolk.
Dipdil Toronto @dikshaaverma @iJasOberoi How lame. He wants to break India not geographically but its social and political fabric. He is speaking against the CONSTITUTION. Twitter helps bond with Indian Roots. Nature Lover who wants to explore Himalayas. Tweet about Indian History, Music, Punjabi Humor & Love❤️.
msfc59 United States Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Snowman 42” x 54” machine quilted snowman theme, lightweight blanket, red border hand sewn and fabric basket Don’t have something nice to say ..don’t say anything…Buffalo Fan forever ❤️ Retired RN Buffalo, NY
DeadlyLuxury Literally always in your head! "Once again, a hauntingly beautiful reminder of our fleeting lives - draped in silky black fabric.. And that means that soon you can expect a new unique figure of Deadly Luxury" (с)😱😍💀💎 SOON!🖤😈 #sundayvibes #SundayFunday #OpenSeaNFT Deadly Luxury- unique collection consists of 6666 Skulls, digital collectible stylish decorative figurines. 666 of which transform into actual works of art.
URD00MED Is a place @ProfBrianCox Ahmed Almheiri has worked on this, connections to the fabric of space-time and gravity. Interesting stuff. Lawyer, BSc (Hons) Physics with Astrophysics & Computer Engineering. Dog lover, Views are things you see. Also a Musician and Animator of stuff.
ana_paula_DCruz Cape Town The message of the gospel is woven like fabric with the threads of grace, love, truth, forgiveness, and mercy. God wants to have a relationship with you. Follow Him.
miganCleb South Africa @Earstohearyou The system of the white man had destroyed that. It's a house Niger show now. They are enjoying the treat and destroying our fabric of society I speak my mind||whatever I say has nothing to do with your feelings||Why do we still study LLB? do we hate ourselves so much we protect others interests? #Tbg
2bsuzyqHen Canada @maosbot I’m in small town Ontario Canada and its rough conservative crowd (our form of republicans) but all 5 of us wear k95 or a flomask. No crappy blue ones. I have just ordered a sip sticker that allows you to drink by straw. No review yet. This orange fabric one was early covid. 🇨🇦🌈✊🏿❤️🕊🙇🏻‍♀️ My mom was killed. A on the edge, nuanced,LDS, feminist, Canadian gal w/MS & persistent depression. cPTSD
drfaust_ggst Traveling @YourFavMelody White cloth? Hmm... They might have that in the fabric section... I think that's this way... (He walks past Aibo, and turns around to see if they're following.) Square one... || Underground doctor || parody/rp account || mun 20+, sfw acc || more info in pinned || banner by me, pfp by arcsys
muzzlecrumbs Worcester, England I can't find my fabric scissors anywhere for looking so I'm giving up and buying another pair. #ADHDTax 31 | 🇬🇧 | He/Him | Gay | ADHD | Fusky | Banner: @the_orthrus | Not ignoring you on purpose, just thinking about werewolves.
rubylaren England, United Kingdom See this third look. I need a good fashion designer that can replicate this look for me with some tweaks here and there. Looks like tweed fabric but I may be wrong. Tech Sis. | MSc.Cyber security. | LLM International Business Law. |Official Delegate to the UN CSW67 @UNWomenUK|@24Seasonsltd @HanevaCo @russellsstreet
jmol1408 Uncertain, and a fabric too often, a ؟? نمشے 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹
TooAuthentic Dallas, TX Culture is the fabric of our society…the things you like, the way you talk, what you find acceptable and even how you dress. It’s embedded in who you are. The culture that’s been cultivated is to love everything black except black ppl…. Future platinum recording artist and multiple Grammy winner
tactilelove India How is this not a fabric and how did humans invent something that looks sooo damn similar to a forking fish is insane to me • 22 • she/her • fashiondesigner •
RosyPosy_kitteh @catslaveto4 Workplace bullying is everywhere, but the bullying in NHS is in a league all of its own, it’s in its very fabric, if you think back historically in terms of Drs relationships with nurses and younger Drs, and the power dynamics at play. The bullying I suffered was life changing. Integrative/CBT NHS Psychotherapist; Share tweets with British Shorthair feline, a Hoomin/Feline split, so perhaps a little fragmented! Opinions mine or cats!
KamuntuJ Mbarara, Uganda @JrTwinamatsiko @kandihoarthur05 @Aloysiuskayita @Ankunda_Barbie @SedrackAtuhaire @AaronKaviiri We can rid our selves by educating ourselves about political economy as well as history, especially that of class struggle. We that have a Pan-African world view held together by the fabric of Ubuntu should be the disciples of this gospel and fight tribalism. 'Africa will write its own history and it will be a history of glory and dignity'.
EssaysConcern Nailsworth, Glos., UK @techpoodle Rachael, I was on a climate stall yesterday and somone asked where they can get independent advice on solar/batteries. They are prepared to pay for it! They want a lot of solar and want to get it right. I thought of you! There are architects who advise on fabric,.. 1/ PhD Cambridge Univ. - Scientist turned artist / Climate eduucator. Fellow of The Schumacher Institute. Also another place as richardwerskine

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