Everything to know about Fabric and Textiles

Fabric Definitions begining with C

Calendering Calico Cambric Camel-Hair Camocas Candlewick-Fabric Canton-Flannel Canvas Card Carding Casha Cashmere Cavalry-Twill Cellulose Cendal Challis Chalys Chambray Chamois-Cloth Chamoisette Charmeuse Charvet Cheesecloth Chenille Chenille-Fabric Cheviot Chevron Chiffon China-Silk Chinchilla Chino Chintz Chite Cisele-Velvet Coir Coney Cordoban-Leather Corduroy Cotton Cotton-Brocade Cotton-Canvas Coutil Covert Crash Crepe Crepe-Back-Satin Crepe-de-Chine Crepon Crettone Crewel Crinoline Crocking

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